NC Group Limited Training Academy, 3&4 Parsons Court, Welbury Way, Aycliffe Business Park, County Durham, DL5 6ZE
01388 737121

Strategic Aims

1. Providing access to high quality education and training for all. 2. Provide outstanding vocational learning that engages and inspires. 3. Prepare our students/candidates for social and economic success. 4. Developing high quality provision to meet the needs or industry and our students. 5. Develop a reputation for exceptional standards. 6. Operate as an efficient and sustainable business and achieving excellence in training, consultancy services and business operations. 7. Design our courses and services to place us at the leading edge of industrial and economic development across the World.

Our Mission: Providing skills and training for industry. Values: Innovation, New-ideas, Value and Excellence for Skills and Training (I-N-V-E-S-T) Innovative training which meets the needs of our customers New-ideas and thinking to help individuals and businesses grow Value in the skills and training we provide Excellence in everything we do Skills which contribute to the continuous development of individuals and their employability Training which is bespoke to meet the needs of our customers and local industry LEARN MORE